Change Management

IT Change Management…

For companies looking to better control the way alterations and modifications are made to their IT Infrastructure…..

IT change management can help them implement and enforce related formal policies and procedures across their business. IT change management is a set of standardized methods “for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to controlled IT infrastructure, in order to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service.” When modifications occur, only a comprehensive IT change management plan can ensure smooth, seamless transition for all involved – including systems, It staff, and end users.Today’s companies require more frequent changes to their IT environments than ever before, due to internal problems or changing employee requirements, as well as external factors like customer demands, market dynamics, or regulatory changes. IT change management can help organizations implement change in the most efficient way possible, while enabling them to balance the need for change with the costs and potential risks involved.
In order to comply with IT change management policies, based on ITIL guidelines, companies must follow a series of controlled and highly structured steps, including:
• A formal request for change (RFC)
• Review and approval of the proposed change
• Creation of a detailed project plan
• Review and refinement of the plan by a team of stakeholders
• Plan implementation
• Testing
• Results assessment and reporting
When implementing changes, it is crucial to closely link IT change management processes to activities related to IT problem management. This will ensure that any issues caused by the change will be immediately detected and promptly corrected.
If you would like to implement a Change Management process within your business, talk to us and we will be glad to assist…

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